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Having a microchip is now the law for dogs. It is also law that they are registered on a recognised database and their details are kept up to date. All cats must be microchipped by 10th June 2024.

Have your dog, cat or rabbit chipped now. Help them get back home to you should they become lost or stolen.

Quality Matters with ID Chips, don’t accept cheap alternatives.


In our opinion Milbemycin with praziquantel is the most effective single line treatment you can use to prevent or treat all worms in your cat or dog. It is also licensed to prevent lung worm in dogs. The packaging is Blippable. Blippar is a market-leading image-recognition and augmented reality platform with the power to bring dispensing packaging to life using the camera in a smart device. To activate the technology simply download the free Blippar app and scan the front of the pack or dispensing envelope. The pack then becomes animated, giving you access to accurate, regulated post-dispensing content using educational videos, a built-in reminder system and other product information, all appearing on the pack itself.

Remember—the main reason we worm pets is for public health.

Don’t even consider using less effective and possibly dangerous alternatives from other sources. And remember, cost per day, our preventive health products are generally cheaper than any inferior pet shop or supermarket alternative.



Be very careful with certain supermarket or petshop products, some of which have questionable efficacy and can be dangerous, even fatal in cats, small dogs, kittens and puppies. Other products may be a lot more effective but need to be used in the correct circumstances; for or example there is little benefit from treating just your pet when the carpets are full of eggs, larvae and adult fleas. Speak to us and get the best advice for a treatment or prevention regime in your household.

As the year rolls on fleas will be busy mating and the female will potentially be laying 80 to 100 eggs in your carpets each day unless you maintain a good programme of prevention. We can offer you advice on what products may best suit your situation (Is there a current flea problem? Do you have cats or dogs or both? and so on). They say this will be the worst summer ever for fleas!

The more modern products, made by a reputable manufacturer, are usually the safest and best to use.


Cardalis is a revolutionary combination drug we use in dogs as part of the treatment for congestive cardiac failure. We have a loyalty scheme for this – 6th month of treatment is free of charge. If your dog is already on treatment for heart failure we will discuss Cardalis with you at your next routine check up consultation.

Does your pet cough regularly through the day? Less exercise tolerance (not able to walk as far without getting tired)? Breathe Heavily? Swollen abdomen? Then one cause could be heart disease. If you have any doubts please make an appointment to see the Veterinary Surgeon to assess.


Please telephone to book a FREE appointment at our Nurse Clubs and learn how to offer the best health care for your pet.

The Scary Sounds Club is a must for all pets that suffer from noise phobias. Our qualified and registered Veterinary Nurseswill advise you on all you need to know regarding safety at the time around bonfire night. We have an arsenal of behavioural advice, tips, pheromones, herbal and other treatments, to comfort your pet and keep them calm during loud noise events. We can also give advice and recommendations, tailoring a solution, for any other kind of sound phobia your pet suffers from.

The Senior Club will help you to provide optimum health for your pet in their older or twilight years. Is your pet less active, drinking more than usual, getting fatter or developing a bigger belly, do they have smelly breath…? We will offer you professional advice on the care of the older pet and tell you what to look out for to detect problems early. If an appointment to see the Vet becomes necessary we are offering these at the discounted price of £15.

Is your cat looking unkempt, not grooming, losing weight but eating a lot, drinking excessively and having episodes of diarrhoea? Then it may have an over-active thyroid gland. Hyperthyroidism is really common in cats over the age of 10. At the Senior Club we may help identify this and other health conditions long before they become a serious problem for your Pet.

The Puppy, Kitten and Junior Clubs will offer you all you need to know about looking after your baby pets through their teens into adulthood covering basic training, preventive health, neutering, grooming, nutrition and so on. The benefit of being a ‘Club Member’ is that you develop a relationship with our staff so you know exactly who to call on if you need advice or assistance.

The Weight Club is a must for all cats and dogs that are a bit, errmm, porky. Being overweight can contribute to the development and severity of arthritis and can lead to liver, kidney, cardiac and other health problems like diabetes.

We also have Nurse led Dental, Pain Management, Rabbit, Diabetes and Pregnancy Clubs.

Contact us for more information or to book in.


We can offer you or help you arrange 4 weeks FREE INSURANCE (for dogs, cats and rabbits from 6 weeks and up to 18 months of age). Owning a pet is both fun and rewarding but if your pet suffers an illness or injury it can also be expensive. Pet insurance can help you cover the cost of unexpected treatment and give your pet the best possible care. Terms and Conditions apply. Contact us for more information.


If you need any more information about these or any other preventive health products feel free to telephone your local Vetcare Ltd and ask for advice, or find a familiar face on the staff photographs then click the link below to send them an email.


We offer Free Reminders for all of our preventive health ranges – Wormers, flea treatments and Vaccines, either by post, email, text or a combination of these. To remind you when the next dose of treatment is due or when you need to buy some more. These will be automatic with most products but please ask for more information.