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Rabbit Awareness Week 2017

It is National Rabbit Awareness Week from the 17th to 25th June 2017. In fact it is the 10th anniversary of Rabbit Awareness Week. We want to make maximum use of this time to help you to offer the best care, welfare and preventive health for your pet  rabbits, so we are extending Rabbit Awareness Week through the whole of June giving you plenty of time to take advantage of our services and special offers.

So DON’T MISS OUT—HOP ALONG to your nearest Vetcare, learn more about health, nutrition, behaviour, neutering, environment and general care for your rabbit(s).

Scary Sounds Newsletter 2016

Read all about:

  • Getting ready for the firework season
  • Caring for wildlife
  • Keeping your pets safe on New Years Eve
  • Our brand new SCARY SOUNDS CLUB
  • Treatment for anxious and scared dogs and cats

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