Lost and Found

Lost and Found

We get many reports of either lost or found dogs and cats, either from frantic owners or helpful members of the public. Sometimes they are brought into the surgery and we (as do most other Vets or the Animal Charities) give them any essential Veterinary treatment required and keep them for up to 2 weeks whilst be try to find the owner. Sometimes we never manage to re-unite them with their owners and then we make efforts to rehome them, often with the assistance of Pet Rehome, Prevent Unwanted Pets, Cats Protection, Animals in Distress and similar charities.

If pets are fitted with a microchip, provided that the owner has kept their contact details and address up to date on the central database then we manage to re-unite them.

We can advertise your lost pet or pets we have found on our website here. We also make great use of ourFaceBook Page to reunite owners with their pets.

If you want to know more about Micro-chipping them please contact us at your closest surgery.

If you want us to help trying to find your pet or tell us about a pet you have found then make contact, with a photograph preferably, at any of our sites or byemail. We will keep a record at each of our surgeries and make as much use of social media as we can to help find your pet.

If you find a pet then we will gladly check them for a microchip, give emergency veterinary treatment if required and advise you on the best course of action to take.