Ginger Nut

Ginger Nut

Ginger nut came into our Hindley branch this month when his owner noticed he was limping quite badly on his front leg, His paw looked quite swollen and he just wasn’t his normal happy self.

When he was examined by our veterinary surgeon there was a tiny scab on his leg. We removed the scab and he had quite a large puncture wound which was infected and very smelly! We suspect Ginger nut has been having a fight with another cat in the neighbourhood. The wound was cleaned and left open, as we want the infection to drain from the wound.


Cat bite abscesses are very common in cats that like to go exploring. Cats are territorial creatures and will often get into disagreements with each other. This is another reason why neutering your pets is really important as male cats are much more likely to fight if they are entire. Cats have a lot of nasty bacteria in their mouths so bites become easily infected.

Often signs of an abscess are very subtle as the wounds are usually not visible. Once the abscess is formed, signs you may see are swellings, licking excessively at a particular area, or limping.

Ginger nut is now having antibiotics and pain relief to help him fight the infection and hopefully will be back to full health in no time at all.