Remembrance 2022

Snaggle and Snoop Neary

Together forever again. Loved and missed every day xxx

Archie Connor

Our beautiful boy, we loved you every day of your life, and will miss you for the rest of ours. Good night, Archie xxx (2/6/09-21/8/22)

Ozzy Howarth

Sweet Dreams Ozzy So glad we got to see you one last time and say our goodbyes. Love you forever xxx

Lizzie Knott

Lizzy: born 11.09.09 to 22.11.22My baby girl, you picked me to live with and be with. You were an extra special pussy cat. Putting you to sleep has been so painful; people tell me it was the right thing to

Elli Bury

Here are me, Elli (on the left), and my brother Bobbi, on our first day in our new home (25/5/2012). Not in our nice basket, instead hiding under the table. Everybody thought that we would never grow into our ears

Maggie Winstanley

Maggie in her younger years, such a lovely girl, funny and daft as a brush but so loving.. we will miss her forever, run free beautiful Maggie 🌈 forever in our hearts 💞Thank you all at Vetcare for the loving

Tanzi Hurst

Thank you for being a fabulous Veterinary Practice and taking care of Tanzi for the last 14 years and 11 months; sadly we lost her recently, but we will never forget the care you all gave her. Love the Hurst

Nessa Harmsworth

This is Nessa, our beautiful rescue dog, who we had to say goodbye to on 5th July 2022. She was a wonderful, loving and gentle dog, who we will miss so very much. Thank you all for your kindness at

Jezabell Ellis

Jezabell Born 18.12.2005 to 05.07.2022, 16yrs 7mths old.   Our little girl was much more than a pet, our love for her was deep and unconditionally as with her to you, her loss will never leave our hearts, she was

Hershey Lowe

“Hershey; often wet, always hungry, always loved!” Bryan and Sandra