Loss and Remembrance

Loss and Remembrance

Most of us love our pets in a similar way that we do a family member and the feelings when we lose one can be just as devastating. We are here to help if you want us to – just ask.

In loving memory

The loss of a pet brings with it a whole range of emotions that can be very difficult to deal with and one thing for certain, is that your loss will leave you with a feeling of emptiness and there will be a huge void in your life.

At Vetcare, we recognise all of these things, and we offer a bereavement counselling service to give you the help and support that you may need at this sad, and very often distressing time.

This service includes a “pre loss” clinic where our companion animal bereavement counsellors can discuss all of the details connected with our very compassionate and gentle approach to the euthanasia process, remembering, that your pet deserves the same level of love and respect at this time, that they have enjoyed with you throughout their life. We can also discuss all of the options available for cremation/burial.

Everyone’s needs are individual, but we promise that we will do our very best to make this time as dignified and peaceful as possible, both for you, and for your pet. Please remember that we are here to help.

To mark the memory of your pet, after the event, we would very much welcome you to send us a picture, with, of course a few words alongside. You can submit these by email and then we will add them to our Remembrance Wall. Alternatively photos and text can be posted and we will scan the photos and also resize the images as appropriate.

We understand that, whilst the sadness will remain for some time, an abundance of happy memories you will surely have! It is a journey that we endeavour to make personal to yourself, and to your pet It is is because friendship lasts forever.

Children and Pet Loss

When a pet dies, it’s common for people to feel as though they’ve lost a member of the family. For children, this is often their first encounter with death. In an attempt to soften the blow, parents sometimes explain the death of a pet in vague ways or skirt the topic altogether. But experts say this just makes things worse by leaving children anxious and mystified.

Explaining a pet’s death to children in a clear, respectful manner can go a long way toward making the journey a little less distressful, and at the same time enhance your connection with your child. Download some of the most common questions parents ask about what to tell their children when a pet dies – children and pet loss.