Missy Robinson

Missy Robinson

Missy’s Poem

I loved my cat …so very much

Her face…her fur…her snow-like touch

She made me feel so real…that I mattered.

And loved her paws…as she often pattered

Around the flat …it felt like ‘home’

But now I feel just so alone

Nothing matters anymore…

Now Heaven has opened up the door

For Missy…my only friend

Will loneliness just never end

And show for me the same bright light

Where Missy has gone into the night

I want to be beside her now

To hear again her sweet ‘miaow’

Perfection was my little cat

Without her…all alone I’m sat

No furry head upon the chair

Although i feel she’s sometimes there

I’ll always shed a loving tear

And when I pass…hope she is near

Awaiting me …so we can play

Together…just like yesterday.