Dave Gee

Dave Gee

miss you Boy

We miss

·         The way you would stay in your bed/lying on the floor but would wag your tail so hard when you saw us

·         You eye-wiping us, waiting for me to put my jeans on so you could wipe your face on my knees

·         Your barking at us for treats/dinner, even when you had just been fed

·         Your squishy chops on the settee/bed when you wanted some of what we were eating

·         The smell of your ears

·         The softness of your fur

·         The gentle boy you were

·         Kisses for Mum, for Dad, for Amy

·         The way you would follow us everywhere-mostly in the hope of treats but also because you were our boy

·         You tapping up and down the hall

·         The way you would circle a few times before you lay down

·         Hoofing on the floor  with your legs in the air

·         Hoofing the bed – making a mess of all the pillows and bedding

·         Not looking at us with your “I can’t see you, so you can’t see me”  attitude

·         You r walks –you were the “GeorgeClooney” of the dog world in Lowton

·         Your energy, your Zoomies, the three balls in your mouth

·         The branches you would find and drag

·         Sunday walks to Viridor/Pennington/Ainsdale Beach

·         The way you would jump up for gravy bones at the Vets and the way everyone knew you

·         You peeping at the door when we came home

·         You sneaking on the settee and pushing your paws into us or lying looking at us

·         You sneaking on our bed, even though you had a king size bed of your own

·         Your loyalty

·         Your love

·         Your love puffs

·         You snoozing in the sun

·         You lying in your paw bed

·         Your smell

·         Your squishy chops

·         Your  fluff all over the house

·         Your Boxer glitter all over our clothes

·         Drying you with a towel when you were wet

·         Looking after you and spoiling you

·         Cuddling you

·         Kissing you

·         Talking to you

·         Talking for you

·         Your soft eyes

·         Your  cheeky, but ever so handsome, face

·         You, you, you, you,  always you…

Love you boy, always will. You have a piece of our hearts with you. In loving memory of Dave Gee-21.07.2006 to 18.04.2018

Good Night God Bless Baby Boy