Cassie Sykes

Cassie Sykes

February 2006 – September 2017

We have had many dogs through our lives and every one of them has a special place in our hearts.

Cassie came to us in March 2006 a little blonde bombshell with strawberry blonde ears, always up for a cuddle but with a vibrant personality and very much a mind of her own.

We wanted two Goldens so that they would have companionship of their own kind throughout their time with us and Orla joined us within two months. Cassie and Orla instantly bonded and were rarely separated until now.

Whilst Cassie would always play and chase when out in the countryside she always came back wagging her tail and was happy to come home when the time came, Orla was more of a renegade.

Cassie would sit by our side in the house and gently nuzzle for a stroke or a tit-bit and look up with those sweet eyes to let us know that she loved us whilst Orla would wait quietly in the wings for her turn, more so as they got older, so I nicknamed Cassie ‘The Shop Steward’.

Cassie gave us two gorgeous litters of puppies, the first in 2009 and the second in 2012. Seven pups in total, and all with the same cream blonde soft coats and vibrant personalities. We are comforted to know that her lively spirit and personality lives on in them.

In the past month as her illness developed, we were not aware that it was a serious as it became. All the time she maintained her loving ways and, if anything, became more demanding of our affection. We willingly responded to her needs and are so glad that we did to the last day.

It is heart rending when the final signal arrives and you realise that there is no way out other than to end suffering. Rest in Peace our beautiful lady. We all miss you terribly and will do so as long as we live.

David, Linda and Orla  XXX.”