Veterinary HPM

Veterinary HPM

We are proud to announce that we stock what is almost certainly the most nutritious, simple, cost-effective and healthiest diet that you could choose to feed to your dog or cat.

In Partnership with Virbac Animal Health our sole range of pet food for dogs and cats is now “Veterinary HPM”.


This new and unique diet is based upon low carbohydrate, high protein food with a result of nutrition perfectly adapted to the needs of your pets—at every stage of their lives. Simply put : More of what is important and less of what isn’t.

Veterinary HPM has one of the highest protein contents on the market and one of the lowest carbohydrate contents on the market. It’s nutritional profile for each life stage makes it, in our opinion, better than any supermarket or pet shop brand and far safer and more nutritionally valuable than home made or RAW diets.

The prime protein sources are Poultry and Pork and it is free from all the main allergens including beef, dairy, lamb, fish, egg, wheat, maize, soya and gluten. The special formulation is designed to support maintenance of normal bodyweight and composition. The food is very highly digestible (less waste, solid faecal output) and very palatable. In fact the diet comes with a money back palatability guarantee.

About 90% of HPM Food is digested, absorbed and utilised (many supermarket foods have poor digestibility and much passes through and out the other end giving poor value for money and much more faeces!)

The protein sources and diets include a very low ash content so phosphates are minimal—this means the diet is very kind to kidney health. HPM promotes urinary health, skin and coat support, immune system support, brain development and dental / tartar protection.

No colourings or artificial flavours are used (unlike most those in many other pet food that are available).

The full range integrates the best nutritional standards into Veterinary care. It is made under pharmaceutical conditions to exacting standards.

The Feeding Cost per day is less than any other premium diet and most other supermarket or petshop diets. (Ask at reception or make an appointment to see one of the Nurses to find out exactly how much it will cost to feed your pet and help you decide which is the most appropriate from the range).

All our staff are trained to advise you on feeding HPM  – both the life stage range and the prescription foods we sell for treating specific conditions.

The manufacturing process is unique— meat is cooked at moderate temperature to preserve proteins and nutrition, cereals are cooked at high temperature for optimal digestibility. The kibble (which is the right size for all breeds and sizes) is coated with duck fat (cat food) or pork fat (dog food) giving very high palatability. Vitamins and minerals are added cold to preserve their efficiency.

Bags are re-sealable (with a free clip), hygienic, damp-proof and multi-sized (for different sized pets)