We always recommend spaying bitches not used for breeding, mainly to prevent mammary cancer (which is 18 times more common in un-neutered bitches than in humans). There are many other good reasons for carrying out the procedure.

Castration of dogs is also usually a sensible choice but we recommend discussing your reasons for castration with the Veterinary Surgeon before making a decision. It is not always the best way forwards and many choose castration to solve a problem that it won’r help.

Age of neutering is also a difficult decision to make. We do advocate early neutering and spaying bitches prior to the first season but this is another good discussion point. In some breeds early neutering can cause problems.

You can read more about dog neutering on our website. Search for neutering in the A to Z index.


We always recommend neutering cats unless they are going to be used for breeding. the optimum age is five and a half months but in some cases we will neuter pets earlier (12 weeks of age and over 1 kg in weight). Early neutering can result in developmental problems, particularly in male cats so always ask for advice.

You can read more about cat neutering on our website. Search for neutering in the A to Z index