It is surprising how much it costs to keep a dog or cat over its lifetime. Vets fees can also come as a bit of a shock when your pet has an accident or develops health problems, especially if you can’t afford the treatment. Many pet-insurance companies exist which offer cover for loss, vets fees, 3rd party liability etc. Some are more reputable than others and, for example, some offer whole of life cover but some will only settle claims relating to a condition during the Insurance year the condition developed.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is an independent body that regulates the financial services industry in the UK. On 14th January 2005, the FCA (previously FSA) introduced new regulations that govern the way insurance is recommended and sold. This affected what we can and can’t do in relation to pet insurance.

This practice has become an Appointed Representative of Pet Plan Ltd which means that our staff have been trained and assessed to make sure we meet the FSA’s standards. We can therefore continue to promote, advise and recommend the appropriate Petplan policy to suit your needs and help represent you during the claims process, if required. This also means that we can complete all sections of the claim form and assist with claim queries including negotiating claim settlements with Petplan on your behalf.

In many instances we are able to claim direct from your insurer meaning you will only need to find the policy excess to pay. This offers you further peace of mind.

If you have a policy with another provider, we will still treat your pet and you can claim any costs covered by your insurance from your pet insurance provider. We are limited by law, to only being able to complete the veterinary section of your claim form and are unable to assist with any claim queries.

Under the new regulations, we cannot advise you on queries or questions relating to insurance providers other that of
Pet Plan Ltd. If you have any specific query or question relating to your policy with another insurance provider, you will need to contact them directly.

As soon as we have examined your pet and ascertained that he or she is healthy we will be able to give you 4 weeks Free Insurance with Petplan. The piece of mind that good Insurance provides cannot be overemphasized. And while most people can afford to pay a monthly Insurance Premium most can’t necessarily afford to pay for major surgical interventions should they become necessary.