Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and Ticks

Flea and Tick Prevention and Treatment

It is really important that you use Veterinary Surgeon recommended products for flea, tick, mite and lice prevention and treatment. Our products are Safe and Work! They are also cost effective – when you work out cost per day our products cost less than the majority of supermarket or pet shop products.

If you currently have a flea problem your pet may need treatment for flea allergy dermatitis. He or she will certainly need worming because flea can spread tapeworm (as well as many other diseases).


We have simplified the choices available to you for external parasite prevention. For both dogs and cats we now stock simple choices between what we believe are the best available topical or oral treatments.




Stronghold Plus for Cats and Stronghold for Dogs, in conjunction with regular worming with Milpro, offers comprehensive parasite prevention with simple, monthly treatments.



In cats Stronghold Plus provides fast protection (within 24 hours) from the 4 species of ticks most often found on cats (and lasts for 5 weeks), kills fleas fast (before they can lay eggs), is low volume and easy to apply. Similarly, one application can last for 5 weeks. Therefore monthly application leaves no space for the two fleas required to breed, lay eggs and start an infestation!

Stronghold Plus also kills Hookworms, Roundworms, Heartworm, Ear mites and Lice!

Did you know that when you have a flea infestation 5% of them will be adults, 10% pupae, 35% larvae and 50% eggs. Stronghold Plus is one of very few topical treatments to attack all these life stages and kills adulte before they can lay eggs.

Stronghold Plus is far more effective than many other products:

Cats have a unique lifestyle and behaviour. They frequently encounter hedghogs, closely interact with family members, transport parasites into the home and spread roundworm that can affect children and adults in parks and other public places. Using Stronghold Plus can prevent this, and used in conjunction with Milpro wormers will also prevent tapeworm infections gained from hunting.

Stronghold Plus also kills ear mites (common in kittens)

Stronghold Plus is also very safe with a profound safety profile, mild toxicity symptoms only being seen at over 5 times the recommended dose.

Stronghold for Dogs protects against Fleas (where it also has an environmental protection claim), Roundworms, Ear mites and many skin mites.

Stronghold and Stronghold Plus come in various pack sizes, are easy to apply monthly and are, in our opinion, safer, more effective and more cost effective than any single other choice from Petshops and Supermarkets.





Simparica – chewable tablets for dogs provides persistent flea and tick killing activity for at least 35 days, kills fleas fast before they can lay eggs, is licensed to kill 99% of the ticks found in the UK, can be used from 8 weeks of age (1.3 kg bodyweight), is palatable and also kills skin and ear mites.

Rock-soild flea and tick protection in one monthly dose, combined with Milpro to prevent lungworm and tapeworm, gives you fully comprehensive parasite control for your dog, and important protection for your family.

It kills fleas within 3 hours and lasts for 35 days, so there is leeway if you forget to or can’t give the tablet every 30 days.

We also use Simparica as a treatment for demodectic and sarcoptic mange mites.

If you have a dog that suffers from allergies, it is really important to use a totally efficent ectoparasite product to as an adjunct to controlling your pets skin problems.

Simparica is extremely safe – less than 1 in 10,000 adverse events in clnical trials.


Credelio is an ‘easy-to-do oral tablet for cats. In fact one in three owners prefer oral preventive treatments for cats rather than topical treatments.

The tablets are small, flavoured (yeast and vanilla), chewable and in trials were succesfully administered monthly to 100% of pet cats by their owners for 3 consecutive months.

Credelio is very safe. They can be used in cats from 8 weeks of age (0.5 kg) and are safe in geriatric cats too. In clinical trials there were no known adverse reactions.

It kills more than 99% of fleas within 12 hours, 100% within 24 hours, and lasts for over a month. It starts working and reaches maximum effect within 4 hours. It kills 99.2% of ticks within 8 hours.

The Credelio Leaflet gives you more information on this product.

Used in conjunction with Milpro (to provide protection against tapeworm, lungworms and roundworms) you have total protection against all of the important parasites in the UK.


INDOREX is great household flea spray also licensed for the elimination of house dust mites. It has dual action containing an adulticide and an insect growth regulator that stops eggs and larvae developing into adults. 

It is the only household product not denatured by UV light and one treatment will keep the house flea free for 12 months.

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