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Fleas and Ticks

Flea and Tick Prevention and Treatment

Picture the scene. Male flea and female flea hop onto your cat or dog in Spring. They drink a romantic meal of blood during which they insert their mouthparts through the skin and inject saliva to stop the blood from clotting (many animals are allergic to saliva and develop flea allergy dermatitis. Also, as the flea bites it spreads tapeworm and a series of other diseases).

Then the male and female mate. The female lays 80 to 100 eggs per day (5000 during her lifetime). They lie dormant for months and eventually hatch. Larvae come out, weave cocoons and the adults develop therein. During the summer this process continues then in Autumn and early winter there is a mass emergence. All of a sudden your house is infested with tens of thousands of fleas. An infestation is a problem but all this can be prevented. 

It is really important that you use Veterinary Surgeon recommended products. Our products are Safe and Work! They are also cost effective - when you work out cost per day our products cost less than the majority of supermarket or pet shop products. 

If you currently have a flea problem your pet may need treatment for flea allergy dermatitis. He or she will certainly need worming. 



BRAVECTO is a revolutionary NEW Flea and Tick prevention and treatment for Dogs. It is highly effective, very safe and cost effective.

Bravecto is given as a highly palatable, pork flavoured, chewable treat.

A single dose of Bravecto treats fleas and ticks for 3 months and it can be purchased in single or double packs.

It starts to work in less than an hours, reaches maximum flea kill effect within 8 hours and kills ticks within 12 hours.

It is safe to use during pregnancy, lactation and in dogs intended for breeding.

Many may worry about the safety of flea, worm and tick treatments. We only use the safest, efficacious products we can find. Ask if you are in any doubt about a product. We have much information to hand. 37M doses of Bravecto have been dispensed worldwide, as of January 2017. Reported problems are minimal and few and far between. for example , see the following leafet on Bravecto - Just the Facts

Cats and Dogs


Prinovox is a brand new product from Virbac that treats and prevents fleas, roundworms, lungworms, various skin mites and some other nasties. It is a spot virtually identical to Advocate and is a simple all round product. It doesn't prevent tapeworm. The main tapeworm in dogs is spread by fleas so preventing them should prevent tapeworm too. In cats that hunt it is advisable to worm your cat with Milpro too. 

The packs are 'blippable' - download blippar for you i-phone or android phone and set it to work - try it out on a £5 note and see what it does.  

Use it to find out all about the parasites that can affect your pet. Prinovox has a great 'Kids' Club too where they can become special agents and learn all about pet parasites. Ask at the surgery for more information:

STRONGHOLD is a great product for Cats and Dogs. Kills Fleas, Ear mites, Round worms and certain skin mites too. It also has an environmental claim as the product will be incorporated in hair and skin falling off where the pet lies. Larvae will feed on this and die!


BRAVECTO is the latest and most revolutionary flea and tick treatment for cats. It's unique spot-on formulation is applied once every 3 months, absorbed and slowly released. It kills all fleas and ticks within 8 hours and, even after 3 months, is killing them within 12 hours.

EFFIPRO is a really safe monthly applied product with an easy to use pippette applicator. Kills 100% of fleas very quickly (most within 24 hours) and still works as effectively when the next application is due. 

PROGRAM is a 6 monthly injection that can be used alongside effipro although many people successfully use it as a sole products. The female that ingests blood laden with program  - none of her eggs will ever develop into adults.


PRACTIC is a great product for dogs which when applied protects against FLEAS AND TICKS.

It is waterproof too. In trials dogs swam 6 times during the month with no loss in efficacy.

The Environment

INDOREX is great household flea spray also licensed for the elimination of house dust mites. It has dual action containing an adulticide and an insect growth regulator that stops eggs and larvae developing into adults. 

It is the only household product not denatured by UV light and one treatment will keep the house flea free for 12 months.

You can read more about fleas here

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