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The importance of microchipping

Using microchips for the accurate identification of pets has proven to be an extremely reliable method.  Since the 1990’s they have been used in millions of animals and have become a legal requirement of the EU Pet Passport scheme.

Microchipping provides a swift, safe and permanent means of identification, allowing an animal to be re-homed if it strays or is lost or stolen.

In April 2016 the law was changed so that all dog owners in England, Scotland and Wales must have their dogs microchipped and recorded with a government compliant microchip database and all contact details are to be kept up to date.  Dog breeders, meanwhile, must ensure that puppies are microchipped and recorded by the time they are 8 weeks old and before they are sold.

It will become compulsory for cats to be microchipped from 10th June 2024

Full information on compulsory microchipping can be found on the Government website.

Avid FriendChips

The AVID FriendChip is a high quality, professional product using a custom made Monoject syringe. The all-in-one syringe features a high quality ISO standard MicroChip with anti-migratory coating, to help minimise the chances of migration.

The MicroChips are pre-loaded in sharp, double-cut bevelled edge, stainless steel needles in a sterilised package ready-to-use.

All AVID MicroChips are supplied with registration on the UK PETtrac MicroChip Database at no extra charge, either electronically or on paper forms.

Lost or found a pet?

If you have found or lost a pet, PETtrac, a fully DEFRA compliant, UK based pet reunification database, will be able to assist you. Contact PETtrac:


So what are you waiting for – come and have your Avid Microchip fitted for only £15Call to make an appointment with the Nurse or ask the Vet when you are next at the Surgery.

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