Domino Wilkes

Domino Wilkes -15.04.2002 – 14.07.2021
I was born in Leigh. I was half feral, and spent the first year of my life running around the furniture and walls, like one of those motorbikes on the ‘wall of death’ at a fairground.
As I grew up and calmed down I became quite amicable, but only liked being petted for a short while.  I especially liked my head being stroked.  I was a bit feisty so when I’d had enough I would let you know, however, Mum says that showed character and she wouldn’t have had it any other way.
Dad used to feed me and give me treats when I could have them.  He was always there for me.  I got really good at letting Mum and Dad know what I wanted with a well placed ‘meow’ or walk in that direction.
When I was out I would return when they called me by name or rattled the treat box.
12 months ago my friend Minx died and at times I would wander around the house calling her with a ‘meow’.
In the last year I’ve loved sitting next to Mum on the settee, sleeping on the bed between Mum and Dad at night and lots of cuddles.
I’ve always loved laying outside in the sun or shade whilst Mum did the gardening and on my last day I spent most of the morning in the garden as it was so nice.
I want to thank everyone at Vetcare, especially Chad, for all the love and care you’ve shown me over the years.
Lots of Love