Current News – Covid 19 and Infectious disease generally

Community infections have recently increased in the areas we operate from and we are continuing to work in a Covid secure manner. This means that some social distancing measures will continue to be operating and although we still recommend that all clients wear face-coverings, particularly inside surgery (where hand gels are also available) they are not obligatory. Whilst face coverings are optional, some of our staff are clinically vulnerable and may request that you wear a mask in the consulting room (no ventilation and small space). 

Most clients understand the importance of Covid-Safety and for control of other infections (thank you), but we have had several instances of clients being rude or abusive to staff. Please refrain from this; the staff don’t make up the rules and we won’t tolerate such behaviour.

Opening Hours are mostly normal and only change in response to staff sickness.  Recruitment is difficult within the Veterinary profession and we are working hard to fill the few vacancies we have left. 

Click here for current opening hours

You can also register, make appointments and order medications via the home page links on this website. The telephone lines can be very busy at certain times, so please consider making use of email. We do have a new telephone system which has made calls to the Surgery far more efficient and allows you to request a callback at busy times.

To reduce contact and to protect our staff and clients (and remember, some of our staff may be clinically vulnerable) we are still using some social distancing measures or other mitigation, but are now open for all services including consultations, emergencies and routine preventive health treatment. We  also conduct some remote consultations and provide products (including medications and pet-food) each day during the above opening hours. We will provide regular updates regarding our service levels on Facebook, other Social Media and on this website.

Practice Services

If you have concerns about your pet then in the first instance call or email the Leigh Surgery , the Bolton Surgery or the Hindley Surgery  on the days listed.

We are currently providing all the usual:

  • Routine Consultations and treatments.
  • Vaccinations for all.
  • Theatre cases and neutering;
  • Occasional chargeable telephone consultations (using other technology where appropriate) for non-emergency work or where your pet may not need to be seen face to face (in a similar way to how GPs are operating). This will particularly apply if you or someone in your household is isolating due to Covid infection.
  • Assistance with travel requirements and Animal Health Certficates
  • An out of hours emergency service;
  • A collection or, if required, a postal/delivery service for essential medicines including repeat prescriptions;
  • A collection service for pet-foods including prescription foods and life-stage diets; and,
  • A telephone or email advisory service.

Please note that some Veterinary Surgeons may ask you to stay in the waiting area whilst we examine your pet, conduct the examination and give treatment, then return your pet to you. This is rare but up to the individual member of staff looking after you. Some of our staff are clinically more vulnerable.


Repeat Prescriptions and Ordering – we offer a prescription and ordering service for all four of our Vetcare sites. To help reduced the large volume of telephone calls we are receiving, and to free the telephone lines for emergencies, please may we ask that you order all supplies online:

Wherever possible please provide several days’ notice for repeat medication and food. If we have not seen your pet for a period we will insist on a consultation. This is at the discretion of the Veterinary Surgeon and also following usual Practice protocols. We are governed by laws that were relaxed during the pandemic but are now back in place.

Remote consultations are sometime appropriate (particularly if you have covid in the household) and will be charged at the same rate as face-to-face consultations. The Veterinary Surgeon may ask you to send images or videos to view during the process. If you have a paid for remote consultation and subsequently we need to see you at the surgery there won’t be a charge for that consultation.

Preventive health is important so call us  or email and discuss if you are on a health program for flea, tick and internal parasite / worm prevention (we can provide these treatments), and to discuss vaccinations if they are becoming due or if you are overdue.

We have an obligation to protect our staff and other members of the public using our facilities. To help us to be able to continue to provide a safe service we respectfully ask that you read and do the following:

  • Please do not attend the Surgery if you feel ill, have difficulty breathing, have a fever, a new persistent cough, have lost your sense of taste or smell or have a symptom that could be suggestive of coronaviral infection. If you need medication or your pet is unwell and needs Veterinary attention then, in the first instance, please telephone us or email for advice.
  • When you contact us to make an appointment we may ask if you are self-isolating or have tested positive for this virus.
  • When you arrive for your appointment then, please let reception know you have arrived.
  • If you have not been vaccinated, are over the age of 70, pregnant, or in the higher risk categories (e.g. with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart or lung conditions (including asthma and COPD), obesity, cancer and so on) think carefully before attending the surgery to minimise risk to yourself. Instead, please telephone us for advice.
  • When you attend the Surgery, on entering and before leaving, there is alcohol-based hand sanitizer provided.
  • Please do not shake hands with or hug staff, however fond you are of them. Please try and stay at least 1 m (preferably 2 m) away from staff or other members of the public. If you need to cough or sneeze, do so into a tissue or your sleeve, not into the atmosphere.
  • Only in extreme emergencies or where there are marked welfare problems will we see the pet of someone who is self-isolating or who has the disease. Please contact us for advice. If we do see your pet, we will have a designated room available and our staff will need to wear full Personal Protective Equipment. Someone else other than you will need to fetch your pet. It is very unlikely that we will be able to do house visits at the moment.
  • If we are short staffed, we may need to cancel or defer some procedures, appointments or operations and concentrate on more needy patients. We may also need to change the timings of our consulting sessions. We will give regular updates on our website and on social media.
  • If you are on long term medication and need repeat prescriptions, please contact us at least one week before you run out. We currently have some supply problems with certain medications.