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Bernice & Mike Wintle

23rd September 2018

We would like to pass on our thanks to the Vetcare team, in particular Chad and Gordon for the care given to Max Wintle over the years and more recently last Sunday.  It was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make and one we were dreading. We appreciated the time given to us to make it as easy as possible to say goodbye to our beloved Max.

We would also like to thank Gina and Gemini for the care and compassion shown to us on that day.

Max was a special dog who has left a huge hole in our hearts which will be hard to fill.

Thanks to everyone for helping him over the years.

Kind regards,

Berenice and Mike Wintle

Sylvia Sinar 

January 2017

 Im writing this Email as a Testimonial and a Thank you for the care given to my beautiful much missed Male Akita named Tuska.

I was absolutely devastated when on New Years Eve 2016 I had to say goodbye to my amazing dog.

He was a massive part of my life for 10 years and his loss has affected me more than I can put into words.    

The Leigh practice Staff were always helpful and professional in every way.

I will always be so very grateful to Chad a very caring compassionate man and an Excellent Vet.

I noticed from the first appointment to the last how much he genuinely cared for the wellbeing of my dog and treated him with such Kindness.

I felt he shared a connection with Tuska which seemed somehow more than just an examination of his body.

It was such an upsetting time and found it impossible not to cry often.

Chad explained patiently in great detail Tuskas condition which in the end proved too damaging and painful for my boy to deal with.

He helped Tuska calmly freeing him of his pain and me through the hardest and most painful goodbye I have ever had to make.

I am looking forward to a full day in which I don't cry anymore the Void left by Tuska is still immense.

I dont like life without a dog to share it with and so I am going to get another Akita (my favourite breed) .

I must be mental wanting to go through all this pain again but Tuska was worth every tear drop and all the upset.

So once again from the bottom of my heart Thank you XX all my love.

Helen Birks

20th January 2017

Having been a Vetcare client for over twenty years, I cannot praise too highly the dedication of all staff in every area of the practice.

I have experienced genuine concern and respect for all my pets, dogs and cats.

The practice is continually updating and using new research to expand it’s level of care, reassuring me that my pets are always receiving the very best of care.

This has allowed them to enjoy the fullest of lives right into old age which, in itself, has been a gift to us all.

I cannot thank Vetcare enough, one and all, for this.

Helen Birks

Miss Jessica Hobbins and Simon

13th January 2017

Thank you for all the care taken with my bunny Simon. The ladies on the desk and the nurses were very helpful and fully informative about the situation and showed great care and attention to Simon, who doesn’t travel well. Thank you to Gordon who was very thorough and efficient in treating Simon. I’m so happy he was able to treat him for various issues in one go which made the whole situation less stressful. Overall we received an excellent service and it shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Greg & Jane Cox

29th November 2016

We have now been using this vets practice for over 20 yrs. This alone confirms that we have always been more than happy with the services provided. All the staff are welcoming & caring & our pets have always been well looked after. Not only are the vets approachable, but they are also very professional with the care they provide. When left in their care for treatment, we know our pets are always in safe hands at a practice that has excellent standards. We would always recommend this practice.

Many thanks

Greg & Jane Cox

Kathy Leach 

15th November 2016

I would just like to say thank you to Sophie at your Leigh branch for being so lovely and answering my email.  Kathryn who I spoke to was as equally professional and lovely she made myself and Milo feel at ease and didn't mind at all giving me advice and making me feel welcome, after all it was mine and Milo's first ever visit to any vets and we were both quite nervous I think.  The Vet was lovely she gave us time and explained everything, I felt at ease straight away and knew I had made the right decision choosing VetCare. It is a big decision getting a pet and I was extremely apprehensive as I just wanted to make sure I was doing my best for Milo.  After visiting VetCare I feel more at ease knowing that I can contact them at any time and speak to people that are genuinely nice and care.  Thanks again and I will see you soon for 2nd vaccinations.

Kind regards

Kathy Leach and Milo xxx

Angela O'Brien

20th September 2016

Just a few lines about my many visits to Vetcare at Leigh. The welcome starts at the front desk, ably managed by Sarah and team, then continues into the consulting room, where it is always a pleasure to meet with our lovely vet, Chad Northcott, who treats our precious cats with great care and attention.

The surgery is clean and tidy with excellent facilities for all manner of veterinary care and the prices are most realistic.

We travel over 50 miles to this surgery, passing many other veterinary establishments on the way. This indeed is testimony to the excellent service offered by Vetcare, Leigh. It truly is like visiting old friends!

Angela x

Becky Clarke

8th September 2016

Firstly, I feel so lucky & grateful to have such a wonderful practice who have always gone above and beyond to give my dogs the care they have needed over the years.

I have every confidence in the fabulous staff at Vetcare who are dedicated & passionate to provide a wonderful service for all the animals that come into their care.

Last year unfortunately we lost our gorgeous girl Nala who Vetcare looked after from being a pup & throughout her eventful 8 years. The staff were absolutely amazing through such a difficult, heartbreaking time & I really am grateful for their support, understanding & compassion.

After rescuing my 12yr old dog Bear Cub Ben in March this year, there was only one place to register him. He loves going to see his friends at Vetcare, he's had a pensioner check, vaccinations, treatment when he was sick & had his little old legs checked out. Sometimes I'm convinced Ben acts sick so he can take a trip to see everyone :)

I really appreciate everything all the fabulous staff have done for myself & my furry family over the years, from advice, diagnosis, treatment & even after my animals have passed over. Your ALL AMAZING & thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a wonderful team, I can't put into words how grateful I am to you all.

Dot Prince

12th August 2016

I have been using Vetcare for many years to care for my cats and will continue to do so.  The staff are always compassionate, friendly, obliging and extremely helpful.

The various free nurse clubs are great and I have used the dental club and the kitten club which have both provided us with excellent advise and support.

The vets will always go the extra mile to ensure the best possible care for your pets.  My 20year old cat Leo lived far longer than expected due to the continued care and diligence of the vets.

I am certain that Bobby, Phoebe, Pippin and Beau could not be in better hands.

Susan Denton 

1st August 2016

I have used the Veterinary Surgeons at Newlands Road Leigh for over 30 years, it was run by Greer, Holt and James originally.

Over the years the Vets, Nursing and Admin staff  have changed but one thing that has not changed is the  excellent care they provide for our pets.

The staff are always welcoming , they  make you feel at ease but are very professional and expert in their field. They inspire confidence and I would trust them implicitly to do the best for my pets.

Customer care is very important to them , they remember yours and your pets names if you visit regularly.

Treatment and options are always discussed with the owner , the vet advises but the final decision is made by the owner.

As technology has improved so has the treatment they are able to provide for our animals.

Pioneering treatment undergone by one of my cats saved her sight .

They  excel in preventative measures as well as  dealing with illness when it occurs.

Unfortunately when nothing more can be done for our beloved pets and they have to be put to sleep this is done in a sympathetic and dignified way.  It is the owners choice whether to be with their pet  when the injection is administered or not. I have always been present and although  it is heart breaking  I get comfort from having  been there with them  as their life ends ,  the vet and nurse attending are a huge support and they  even send a condolence card afterwards.

I would definitely recommend this veterinary  practice for all your pets needs.

Leslie and David Gornall

6th July 2016

We have been clients of Vetcare Leigh for well over 20 years and have seen the practice grow and expand.  But one thing that has been consistent in all that time is the quality of the service we receive and the customer care which is second to none.  The majority of the staff are long standing too and this makes it feel so comfortable, familiar and friendly.  They know us by name, and even recognise your voice on the phone.

We have total trust in the staff at Vetcare Leigh, they have never let us down and have provided us with wonderful service over the years.

Chad has a special way with the animals he treats that doesn't involve words; they trust and understand him.  He is incredibly thorough, always honest, never keeps you waiting for results or information and always follows things up with a phone call.  Gordon too, completely trust him with our dogs; he really knows his stuff, is calm and quietly confident in his dealings with the animals; very approachable and straightforward which we like. 

The nurses do a great job and are also familiar faces; they are definitely the unsung heroes! the staff on reception make a difficult job look very easy; are always very professional, but friendly and totally approachable at the same time.   Nothing is too much trouble. There is genuine empathy and concern too in those horribly difficult times, and people don't forget that; you remember how they made you feel and that matters (thank you, wonderful Sarah!).  

K M Kelly

1st July 2016

We would like to say how pleased we are with everything at Vetcare Leigh.

The vets and staff are always attentive with a pleasant and re-assuring attitude. All the staff give their very best care to our pets, always helpful and willing to explain in detail to give relief in stressful situations and are always willing to provide emergency treatment when needed.

We have absolute trust in our vets. Once again, thank you to Vetcare Leigh.

K. M. Kelly

The Biggs/ Healey Family

14th April 2016

Our utmost thanks for all your work this week.

You have all gone the extra mile for Millie who is a huge part of our family and we are all so grateful for you excellent service.

Please will you pass on our thanks to Gordon, Neil and Ryan for their huge input and we have posted on the Facebook page with a picture!

Many Thanks once again,

The Biggs/ Healey Family xx

Christine Johnson

29th November 2015

"Our eldest dog, Riley, has epilepsy.  It was diagnosed when she was a pup and she's six now.  The Vetcare team have always been a great support to us with her care. They monitor her with regular health checks and tests, and we know we can always speak to them with any concerns. Thanks to their excellent skills and care, she rarely has fits now and is thriving. The staff know Riley well and always make a fuss of her ...even when she jumps on the reception counter for a treat! (Fortunately she's only little). As a result she loves her visits to the vet.

We recently rehomed another dog, Minnie, and we have found the Vetcare team of vets and nurses to be equally caring with her. She banged her eye a couple of weeks ago and we were concerned as it seemed very sore. The Vetcare team took our concerns seriously and thoroughly examined her. After treatment we are happy to report her eye is back to normal. Following Riley's example, she loves going to the vet too... though she hasn't leapt onto the counter yet."

Marie and Neil Booker

14th November 2015

After a consultation with our Vet Chad Northcott in July 2014, our Golden retriever Chisleay was invited to attend the free Vetcare Weight Club in order that he could go on a calorie controlled diet to reduce his weight.

Shortly afterwards, Chisleay attended the weight Club and saw Veterinary Nurse Sophie Liptrott. He was weighted and his vital statistics were measured and he was given some prescription food. We attended the weight Club every month thereafter and Chisleay continued to lose weight on a regular basis.

After nine months Chisleay reached the average weight for his age and breed. We were very impressed with the service and attention provided by Sophie from Vetcare. As a result of this care and attention Chisleay not only looks good but is enjoying a more, healthy and active lifestyle.

We would not hesitate to recommend the vetcare weight Club to other dog owners.

Kieran Dandy & Remy the dog

29th August 2014

I want to take the opportunity to give my strongest vote of approval
to the practice.

I have been bringing my pets to here for years, and always felt confident with the advice we have been given, and treatment my pets have received. You, the vets and all the staff are very friendly and extremely professional. I wouldn’t even consider going elsewhere!!!!

Rachel Smedley

19th August 2014

I have been using this veterinary practice for a few years, and I as, I rescue I have been offered cheaper alternates of Vetcare, I have always declined as I have a lot of trust with the staff at this practice.
I currently have 9 cats and a dog all registered at the practice, they have all had visits for multiple treatments, from annual injections to emergency visits. I have found the staff extremely helpful and are brilliant with every pet I have taken in.

I have had a few occasions where my cats have had a fight with the local mean cat, which had left billy (one of my cats) with the right side of his face ripped open to the point of being able to see his jaw bone, they fit him straight in when I rang and immediately I felt a lot better, within in a few days of antibiotics and painkillers had billy eating again and now you would never no.

So for Vetcare at Leigh I would happily give them a 5***** review and suggest them to any pet owner.

Sue Holden

5th August 2014

My name is Sue Holden and I have a 2 and a half year old British Bulldog called Buster. Due to numerous health issues Buster has been a frequent patient at the Vetcare surgery in Leigh. Despite the frequent visits Buster loves going to the surgery and is always very excited to see the staff. His response to me says it all about the treatment and care he receives from the staff!! An animal knows whose kind to them. As an owner I am very grateful for the fantastic care and attention Buster receives at the surgery from all the staff. They are always kind and eager to help.  I would like to say a special thank you to Vet Chad Northcott for all his care and attention towards Buster, I really appreciate how he has treated and cared for Buster during the last two years.
Many thanks again!!
Sue Holden

Stephen Pickthall

31st July 2014

In February 2002, I received a telephone call from my ex-wife asking if I was interested in taking in a stray cat that had been calling at her house to be fed.  She already had two cats who would not accept the little stranger.  She had contacted the Police and local veterinary services, but there was no record of his having been reported missing.

I bought a tin of cat food in anticipation of her visit with the cat.  He was in poor condition with knotted fur and mites in his ears.  He was a timid little thing but he ate the food I put out for him and after he had woofed it down he came up to me to ask for more.  That was how he got his name- Oliver- and it was the start of a wonderful relationship that is still ongoing today.

The first thing, of course, was to get him seen by a vet, and this was my first contact with Vetcare Leigh.  I discovered that he was a pedigree Persian (a silver chinchilla) who was around twelve months old.  He had not been castrated or micro-chipped so he was booked in to receive his primary vaccinations and to be neutered.  He was also given flea and worm treatment at the outset and slowly but surely I was able to sort out his coat with diligent grooming.  It soon became very full and shiny.  Oliver has no wish to go outside and has been happy to make my apartment his personal territory.

Over the years I have had a lot of contact with the vets and other staff at Vetcare, all of whom have proved to be very knowledgeable and caring.  Oliver has had to have a general anesthetic on five occasions now; the first was when he was neutered, then he had to have a catheter inserted to drain his bladder following a blockage of his urethra.  He has had his teeth de-scaled and has had two operations to remove hyperactive thyroid glands.  All of these operations have been carried out with great care, and the quality of the after-care provided has been very good.

The nurses at Vetcare run a variety of clubs and clinics.  Oliver attended each month recently for advice on weight loss and with the help of a nurse, he got his weight down from 7.5 kilos to around 5 kilos, which is about the correct weight for him.

Oliver is getting quite old now, and I anticipate I will continue to have contact with the staff at Vetcare on a fairly regular basis over the coming months and (hopefully) years.  Other vets are available in Leigh, but I have never been tempted to change from Vetcare.  I would recommend Vetcare to anyone who is seeking an efficient, skilled and caring veterinary service.

Kitten Karers

June 2014

kitten karers have been using vet care for few months we are very pleased everyone are so friendly as a rescue we never know what each day brings if its emergency vet care always manages to get us appointment to see a vet they are very polite on the phone and face to face nothing seems to be to much trouble for them

Angela Lawton

May 2014

I am putting in writing to let you know that we are very pleased with the excellent care that you provide for our pets.
Vetcare was recommended to us 3 years ago and we have never looked back.
We have found that we can come into the practice and all the staff are very friendly, helpful and caring.
It is also excellent that you provide different clinics free of charge that we can attend with our pets for health checks.
We are also very impressed with the after care that my pets have been given after surgery and that the vet takes the time to make a call to us to see how my pet is doing just shows what a caring practice you have, it makes all the difference.
We know we will always get good care from Vetcare !!!!
I would also like to add that Janet has been extremely helpful in dealing with my pet insurance claims.
I would not hesitate to recommend Vetcare to all my friends and family.

Vivien Holden

May 2014

When your pet(s) are in the care of Vetcare, they are in good hands. Since moving to the Leigh area some 43 years ago my pets were lucky enough to be tended by Vetcare. Having experienced vets elsewhere before I came to live in Leigh, I have to say that Vetcare turned out to be a whole new experience in veterinary care.
My present cat has now turned 16 years old and has been diagnosed diabetic for almost 2 years .I was anxious when he became diabetic but I was fully supported by the staff at Vetcare on how to administer his twice – daily injections, how much diabetic food to put down for him and symptoms to be aware of. I was also reminded that should I need advice on any aspect of his care, then they were only a phone call away.
Their way of dealing with my pet’s condition gave me the confidence I desperately needed to keep him healthy.
He has regular checks by dedicated staff which keeps both my pet and myself happy.
All the staff at Vetcare from the front desk to nurses and veterinary surgeons work together and nothing is ever overlooked or too much trouble.
I simply cannot thank them enough for their dedication and caring support over the many years my pets have been in their care.

Barbara Galassi

26th May 2014

In late February 2011 my 10 year old Westie, Ceile, presented with a cough. Scans and xrays performed by my local veterinary practice led to a diagnosis of heart failure and the devastating news that she had only about nine months to live. Two days later my vet retired and the practice continued to be run by a company. I was not happy with the new set-up and started to search online for an independent veterinary practice. I came across the Vetcare (Leigh) website and the name Chad Northcott literally jumped out at me - I recognised the name as that of the vet who had performed a splenectomy on my first Westie ,Bonnie,seventeen years earlier, saving her life and who then lived to age 14.5 years. I telephoned the Leigh surgery and spoke to Sarah who was so kind and helpful , setting the tone for the practice and was invited to visit. This I did and was immediately struck by the reassuring and friendly atmosphere. I explained that Ceile was very nervous of being in close proximity with other dogs after a serious Staffie attack a few years earlier.Sarah told me that we would be able to wait in the nurse’s room to avoid stress which was such a relief as vet visits had always been an ordeal for both of us.
I was so impressed that I immediately booked an appointment to see Chad.
At Ceile’s first appointment after a thorough and professional examination, Chad told me that he was not convinced that it was a heart but rather a lung problem. He performed scans etc which backed up his diagnosis and told me that the pills which had been prescribed by the previous vets to make her heart work harder would have,in fact, eventually killed her. He replaced them with pills which would help her heart and treatment began for her lung failure.
Chad has saved the lives of both my Westies and is a first rate diagnostician and surgeon and I will always be indebted to him.

Ceile has multiple health problems being born with hip dysplasia, a deformed spine/hip and atopic dermatitis. She frequently suffers infections and Gordon Gray is usually the vet on duty when these suddenly occur. I am indebted to him also for his treatment, kindness and care. Both Chad and Gordon always give me full and clear explanations re Ceile’s health problems and treatment and always follow up with phone calls when promised. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them. Unfortunately,she has now lost her sight and hearing but in between poor health periods she still enjoys life!
I cannot praise the Leigh practice highly enough - all the vets,veterinary nurses and reception staff without exception are courteous,helpful and knowledgeable and show genuine concern for Ceile’s wellbeing. The atmosphere at the practice is one of a friendly, efficient and caring enlarged family which promotes confidence.

My Westie is now 13.5 years and I am immensely grateful for the extra 3 years that Chad has given us since her original inaccurate diagnosis. I know that with all her health problems she is well-looked after and I have every confidence in the treatment she receives which is a great comfort and support to me. The extended weekday and weekend surgeries are an absolute boon as well. Considering her innumerable visits to vets in her lifetime it is significant that Vetcare Leigh is the only practice that she visits willingly!
As a vet practice I have found them second to none, one which I trust implicitly and who always go the extra mile.

Ali Davies

May 2014

I first started using Vetcare at Leigh when I moved North around 10 years ago & have been using them ever since, even though I moved to the other side of Wigan 8 years ago. There are many reasons I still travel to Vetcare Leigh rather than use a local vets but the main one has to be that they are the only people I trust to look after my pets when they are ill or need treatment/surgery. The staff are, and always have been, friendly, polite & approachable, I know that whenever I have any worries or concerns regarding my animals I can contact them at any time for help & advice. My pets & I are always treated with the highest levels of respect, care & compassion.

One member of staff who always goes above & beyond the level of duty is Lisa, who has been a great help to me over the years. Lisa always has a smile & a kind word & regularly delivers medication for my pets to my house, on her way home from work, to save me the trip over to Leigh. In the past, when I have lost a pet, Lisa has brought their ashes home for me to save me the distress of having to go & collect them - I really can't thank her enough.

Barbara Roe

May 2014

A lovely practice with a family feel. Nothing is too much trouble. After we discovered that our Labrador Sasha was suffering from arthritis, it was needless to say that we were relieved to have Vetcare Ltd by our side. The staff are friendly and always have plenty of time to explain and advise me about my pet. The vets have integrity and knowledge, and looked after Sasha brilliantly. Sasha, despite being 11 years old, has the same exuberance she had as a puppy.

Ann, Dave & Scooby Skinner

May 2014

We have been a client at Vetcare Leigh for three years with Scooby and Brandy our two chocolate Labradors.
Brandy has sadly passed on after a sudden and short illness.
Scooby, our remaining dog has long term health issues and so we have been regulars
at the surgery under Neil’s care. He is supportive and approachable about any problems and we fully trust his judgement when it comes to Scooby’s care as we did when we had to decide to let Brandy go.
Head client manager Sarah is also very friendly and easy to talk to and always has a biscuit or two for Scooby!!
We would happily recommend Vetcare to anyone looking for a new vet.

Richard Gorton

April 2014

I have been using Vetcare at leigh for many years now, both for my pet dogs and my working dogs. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, will take the time to discuss anything you are unsure of or misunderstood in the consultation.
Your animals really are their first priority, nothing is too much trouble, all you need to do is ask. Now with longer opening hours you have a more flexible choice of appointments.
I would like to give a mention to Chad who is my chosen vet who knows his stuff and listens to your thoughts and concerns and is very approachable.
I would also like to mention Sarah who I have mainly dealt with during my many visits over these past few months which have been a worrying time, she is very friendly, knows her medication and offers good sound advice to concerned pet owners.
I recommend vetcare leigh and whoever is on duty they will take care of you and your pets.

Jo Hawthorne

April 2014

I have been a client with Vetcare, Leigh for over 20 years and would not use any other veterinary practice. I have had many pet's over time and all have had the best possible care from Chad and all the staff. Everyone,although really professional are also friendly and really helpful and caring. If I telephone for advice the nurses are really helpful especially Janet and Jane and if they can't help Chad will ring me. Sarah on reception is always a friendly voice and very helpful. Chad is a very caring Vet who explains your pet's illness thoroughly, he always discusses treatment so that you can ask questions. He is a brilliant vet and I feel he is also a good friend.

I own a boarding cattery and Chad is our cattery vet and if I have any concerns about a cat in my care I can Email him and he always gets back to me with advice. Purrfect!

Tracy Mcmahon

February 2014

Vetcare staff always offer an excellent service. They continue to go the extra mile, always with a smile, opening seven days a week putting their customers first.
They continue to put their values into action, meaning a first class service.
I would not take my pets anywhere else.

Debbie Goodwin

We have been with Vetcare in Leigh for the last 13 years. Chad and all the staff are always welcoming, friendly, helpful and supportive. Chad always knew how to handle our last dog Fred even though he was a feisty little man, so I always felt very comfortable in taking him in and confident that he would get the best possible care.
Despite moving out of the area many years ago, we have continued to take our two new dogs Dexter and Poppy to Vetcare as if we have any questions we can just pick up the phone for some advice, and support and the service we receive when we have to go in will be second to none.
Thanks to Chad and the team
Debbie Goodwin, Leigh Client, June 2013

Lynn Bibby

From Lynn Bibby
Vetcare in Leigh offer a very friendly welcome, The staff always make you feel welcome and over the Years we have been Clients we have always been happy with the help from all members at Vetcare especially the care and attention they have given to all our pets ,they go out of the way to keep you updated and informed of all your animals needs. We have 3 dogs and over the years have had lots more whom have all been treated by Vetcare, Chad is more like a friend than a vet he`s so friendly and they always have a little room waiting for us if we need privacy also lots of tea on hand. We have always been impressed with the way they make you feel part of the family that's what it feels like, they are honest right from the beginning with cost and anything you need to know about your pet they will always answer honestly even the receptionist are really nice and helpful especially Sarah re buckets of tea lol, We wouldn't go anywhere else we had a very nervous German Shepherd {Sasha} and Chad helped her overcome her fears thank you for that xx

Mrs Makin

I have used this practice for 14 years and over that time I have loved and lost a few pets as you would expect chad and the staff have been very helpful with some very sad and hard times tests are always done very quickly and the same with the treatments that have been needed there is nothing worse than waiting to see if it is bad news.

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