Out of Hours Emergency Service

Out of Hours Service Provision

Should your pet become poorly outside of our normal working hours then please stay calm and contact your local Vetcare Surgery.  You telephone call will be picked up by our automated telephone system, where you will have the option to be transferred to our out of hours service provider, currently Petmedics Veterinary Surgeons in Worsley.   Their out of hours emergency service telephone number is 0161 794 4999 should you wish to contact them directly.

Petmedics are an Emergency and Critical Care Centre which consists of a team of highly skilled, qualified and caring veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and patient care assistants.  Many of their team hold additional advanced qualifications, including certificates in emergency and critical care.

You can find directions to Pet Medics here.

We have chosen to use Petmedics because we want to provide the very best around the clock care for your pet.  Using their services means that our own vets can concentrate on delivering the highest level of care for your pet in the daytime, whilst Petmedics will be there to provide the same, excellent levels of care for you and your pet when we are closed.

What happens if my pet needs to stay in for treatment?

The majority of pets they treat will be able to go home straight away.  If your pet does require an overnight stay, your pet will be well looked after by their friendly, caring team of veterinary professionals.  They will keep you fully informed of your pets’ progress and the cost of treatment being received.  They will discharge your pet as soon as they are well enough to travel, which in most cases will be the following morning.

How will Vetcare know what treatment my pet received at Petmedics?

A full copy of comprehensive notes detailing results of all tests performed and treatments given will be sent to us the following day.  If we require any further information, we will contact Petmedics to discuss your pet’s treatment, and any follow-up treatment required at Vetcare following discharge from Petmedics.

Will my pet insurance cover the cost of treatment?

With so many pet insurance plans being available, it is not possible to say for certain that your pet’s treatment will be covered by your pet insurance policy.  However, the majority of insurance companies will provide cover for emergency treatment, and both us and Petmedics will do everything possible to help you with any insurance claim.  For peace of mind, we would strongly advise that you check what is covered under your pet’s insurance before an emergency occurs.  For any pet insurance claim related enquiries please email claims@vetcareltd.co.uk

Do Petmedics have transport available?

Petmedics have a private ambulance transport service available 24 hours a day.  Please ask them about prices and booking once your call has been transferred to them, they will be more than happy to help.  There are also many local taxi companies that will accept pets if you are struggling with transport.

Will I need to pay for treatment immediately?

Petmedics will request payment at the time of treatment in the same way as we do at Vetcare.  Due to the increased costs of providing out of hours veterinary care, Petmedics fees will be higher than our own fees.  Your pet’s welfare will always take priority and if you are concerned about any financial difficulty, please discuss this with the team at Petmedics before consenting to any treatment, as this will allow them to work together with you to offer you an affordable treatment plan for your pet.