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All of our sites have theatres fully equipped to deal with emergency and routine surgical procedures from small wounds to more advanced surgical procedures.

We invest heavily to maintain sophisticated and up to date equipment, much of which is on a par with that of modern human hospitals. We also invest in staff training to ensure high levels of competence in surgical work and anaesthesia.

Some of the theatres are more specialised to allow us to deal with more advanced procedures such as complicated fracture repairs, tissue biopsies, tumour removal and spinal or intra-thoracic surgery. On a typical day we may have anything up to 20 surgical procedures to perform and this is orchestrated via a tremendous amount of team work.

At the Leigh Surgery, for example, we may have two Veterinary Surgeons operating supported by 4 or 5 theatre nurses who will be busy preparing patients for surgery, monitoring anaesthesia, cleaning and sterilising instruments, running blood tests and preparing laboratory samples for analysis, assisting the Veterinary Surgeon to gown and glove, passing instruments and suture material, cleaning the surgical site post operatively, observing patients in recovery and communicating with owners.

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