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Nurse's rooms

Once you register at Vetcare you become a member of the practice and entitled to the services provided by our dedicated teams of Nurses.

Our qualified Nurses have their own rooms dedicated to the running of various Pet Clubs that provide advice and services that complement and support our other Veterinary services and provide solutions for all aspects of preventative health care for your pet.

Nurse appointments may also be arranged for suture removal, dressing changes, ear cleaning, weight checks, nail clipping, and teeth/beak checking and burring or clipping. Following neutering and some other procedures the Nurse will carry out the post-operative check up a few days after the operation to ensure that recovery is exactly as it should be.

Advice is available on most questions you may have on your pets health and well being. If there is any specific advice you need please arrange to see one of the nurses to discuss. Telephone to make an appointment or call in to find out more about what is available.

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