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Each of the four surgeries has their own laboratory facilities which enable us to perform a range of tests. Thus we are able to have results for many tests the same day, sometimes within minutes.

Available tests include:

  • General Haematological and Biochemistry Profiles to assess health
  • Pre-operative / Pre-anaesthetic profiles
  • Feline Viral Tests - FeLV/FIV/FIP
  • Urine analysis to assess kidney and bladder health and to check for crystals and stones
  • Reproduction and fertility support
  • Thyroid and adrenal gland function tests
  • Microscopic examinations for external and internal parasites
  • Simple cytology tests

More complicated assays or analyses are carried our by external laboratories including IDEXX laboratories and Cytopath. We are then able to discuss your pet’s case with qualified pathologists or microbiologists in the light of whatever results we receive.

Tests carried out externally include histology on tissue samples, bacteriology and antibiotic sensitivity tests from swabs, cytology on fluids sampled from tumours or body cavities, advanced serological tests or tests to assay for hormones to help diagnose various glandular conditions.

We are also able to arrange rabies serology for the Pet Travel Scheme.

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