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Across the Practice we have enough kennel area to hospitalise over seventy patients - there are day wards for operation patients, in-patient wards for longer term medical cases and self-contained isolation units for infectious cases at the Leigh premises. Kennels vary in size to accommodate anything from small furries to walk in cages for larger dogs. All kennels are of stainless steel for ease of hygienic cleaning and have gravity locks to prevent escapees!

Patients staying with us are assigned a Nurse who is responsible for the care of that patient throughout their stay - from feeding, monitoring, cleaning out, grooming, walking and playing, to giving treatment prescribed by the Veterinary surgeon.

Each patient is always accompanied around the Practice by their clinical notes and treatment/monitoring sheets and wear tags or collars for identification.

If your pet is hospitalised for medical treatment the Vet will have explained to you the treatment we are carrying out, any tests we will be doing and what type of care your pet will be receiving. The Vet will also have given you an estimate of anticipated fees. The Nurse or Vet looking after your Pet will contact you at least twice daily by telephone to report on progress, expected discharge time and fees.

If appropriate we do allow visitors but deter visiting if we believe your pet will become anxious once you have left the Practice again.

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