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Examination areas

The Preparation areas are larger rooms completely separate from the operating areas. This is where in-patients are examined and treated, theatre patients have pre-anaesthetic checks, are anaesthetised and prepared for surgery. It is also where minor procedures are carried out such as performing dental de-scaling and polishing.During a consultation we may bring your pet here to examine him or her more closely and take blood samples etc.

In these photographs you will notice various pipes leading to equipment mounted on the walls. These are to do with anaesthesia. Patients requiring to be anaesthetized are usually giving a pre-medicant or sedative and then anaesthesia is induced with an intravenous induction agent given through a catheter in the foreleg. Once safely asleep we maintain the anaesthesia with a mixture of oxygen and anaesthetic gases including sevoflurane and nitrous oxide given via an endotracheal tube (inserted in the windpipe). Anaesthetic points are supplying these gases, taking away waste and are present all around the practice.

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