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Consulting rooms

All consultations with the Veterinary Surgeons are by appointment. The surgeries are open during the week for up to 12 hours most days and we are also open on Saturdays (and on Sundays at Leigh). Price lists, prescribing policy and terms of business are displayed in all the waiting areas.

Appointments with the vets are available for:

  • Initial puppy or kitten vaccinations, annual booster vaccinations and non-core vaccinations such as Kennel Cough (all of which are given after a thorough health check).
  • Advice on preventative health care including vaccinations, worming, feeding, flea and tick control and general health of your animal and breeding advice.
  • Treatment and investigation of illness or disease.
  • Prescribing of Prescription Only Preventative Treatments such as modern flea control products or wormers. These latter consultations are usually given free of charge but are necessary to ensure your pet is healthy before prescribing and to satisfy current prescribing laws.
  • Providing health certificates for export and carrying out procedures associated with Pet Travel Scheme.

Remember: always consult the vet or one of our trained nursing staff if you are in doubt of your animal's well being. Telephone calls for free advice are always welcomed and may help put your mind at ease, urgent cases will always be seen whatever the time, although we may need to fit you in between existing appointments.

Please contact us as soon as you think your pet has a problem. We have arrangements to see an emergency any time, day or night, 365 days per year in conjunction with a 24 hour per day emergency clinic near Walkden.

Many people have concerns about anaesthetics, behavioural problems, lumps and bumps etc. Please come and see us about any such issues and we will be happy to assist.

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