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Welcome to Vetcare Ltd

A dedicated small animal companion care Veterinary Practice

Vetcare Ltd is dedicated to the treatment and welfare of small animals across Lancashire & Cheshire. Our team of Vets provide a sensitive, competitively priced, approachable service for animals and pets from our veterinary practices in Leigh, Bolton, Hindley and Sale.

Summer News

Summer is well and truly here and everyone will be enjoying spending more time outside. Our Summer Newsletter contains some fascinating articles, special offers and information that we hope you will find useful at this time of year. In Spring our Newsletter focused on allergies and because common allergic problems are continuing unabated during the summer months (fleas, pollens etc) we are seeing a lot of pets with ear infections and other skin problems. There is advice about this (find out about the new Atopica Comfort Club) and also many tips to help keep your pets safe in the sun. 

Microchipping is an important part of pet ownership and will be compulsory for dogs in Wales from April 2015 and in England from April 2016. So act now. And be careful of cheap imitations logged by dubious database companies. Get in touch your closest surgery to see one of our Veterinary Nurses to have a discounted Microchip fitted. We can also do this during your Annual Health Examinations. Contact us for an appointment today. 

We also have some great offers on Preventive Health including flea and worm control treatments. They tell us that this is going to be the worst summer ever for fleas.....

Get Worm-wise for Summer

We are offering a Pack of 4 tablets for the Price of 3 on all sizes of MILBEMAX WORMING TABLETS until September 30th 2014.

Worming your pet is essential and you must use a product that is not only EFFECTIVE but SAFE and REASONABLY PRICED. 

Log on to the WORM PATROL SITE to learn more about worms and to set up text or email reminders. Read more about the importance of worms and prevention in our HEALTH section.

You will be amazed at the range of Special Offers and treatments we will be offering this Spring Including:

  • The NEW Atopica Comfort Club
  • Free Ear check and cleaning appointments 
  • Discounted Ear Cleaning Products
  • FREE Nurse Club Appointments
  • FREE Flea, Worm and Dental checks 
  • FREE Dental Checks with the Vet
  • Discounted ID CHIPS
  • 4 Weeks Free Insurance with Petplan
  • Discounted Preventive Health Products


See our Competition Page to win prizes.

Nurse Clubs

Our Qualified Nurses run free clubs all year round, helping you provide the best possible care:

  • Puppy, Kitten and Junior Clubs
  • Dental Club
  • Weight Club (Pet Fit Club)
  • Rabbit Club 
  • Senior Club (A popular 'well pet club')
  • Diabetic Club

Club of the Month - August: KITTEN CLUB

Everything you need to know to become an expert kitten owner and make a great friend and contact with one of our Veterinary Nurses who will always be there for you. FREE Club Membership entitles you discounts on many products. Ask us for more information. 

Our Veterinary Nurse led kitten club aims to talk and support you through everything you need to do to care for your kitten properly. A great FREE pack and booklet will also be yours, to guide you through Preventive Health, Nutrition, Neutering, Grooming, Dental Hygiene, ID Chips, Insurance, common ailments, safety and stress avoidance. Please contact your nearest surgery to arrange a FREE appointment to see the Kitten Club Nurses.  

Nutrition and Vet Complex Diet

For the optimal health of your dog, cat, puppy or kitten we stock the full Virbac VetComplex Range of diets. In our opinion this food is better than any other pet food; nutritionally better, superiorly manufactured and amazing value for money. What you feed your pet is the most important thing that contributes to their health, beyond lifestyle and preventative health.You probably take a lot of care with what you eat - why not give the same consideration to your pets?

Vet Complex costs about 25% less per day to feed than the best diets sold is Pet Shops and we have a great LOYALTY SCHEME  - for every 5 bags purchased get the 6th same sized bag of the same diet FREE OF CHARGE. This represents a further 17% saving. 

Just call in to find out more or take some away. We have FREE samples if you need to try Vet Complex before you buy and offer a full refund palatability guarantee. Our staff feed Vet Complex to their Pets!

Choosing the correct pet food for your pet taking into account its age, weight, breed, lifestyle and any medical conditions can be like traversing a minefield. We are here to help offer professional dietary advice. Please take advantage of this. 

August 2014 Star Patient

JADE - We see lots of pets with skin disorders, the commonest are skin diseases caused by allergies. Cats can suffer from any of a peculiar range of skin conditions collectively known as Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex. Most of these are caused by allergy although we often use terms like 'immune mediated' to describe the cause of some of the lesions. Although we sometimes use steroids we have a range of other safe and modern treatments. Jade is a lovely cat with her story to tell. 

Whenever we have an interesting or special case we will try and make then 'famous' by publishing their story on these pages. If you think your pet has had heroic treatment or surgery, made a dramatic recovery, or has any other type of special story that may be of interest to others then please let us know. We will do our best to publish it.

Many of these stories highlight important issues that you should consider for your own pet's health and well-being.For example you make think again about insuring your pet when you have seen some of the problems that can easily occur. 

Read the full range of interesting 'Star' animals

The Star Patients offer you a behind the scenes glimpse of life on the other side of the counter, with really interesting, challenging or special cases that show you not only what we can do, but also how our Practice is able to give you peace of mind and care at the times when you need it most. 

As well as submitting STAR Patient Stories which you can do by email we would really appreciate it if you could leave us a REVIEW of the treatment you have received at Vetcare. 

Help, Support and Webshop

Some of the most important things that you do for your pet are:

  • Choosing an appropriate diet for their time of life,
  • Having a safe, cost effective, efficacious and all encompassing preventive health program (disease prevention, worming and flea control),
  • Paying regular attention to dental hygiene,
  • Ensuring they have an Identification Microchip fitted,
  • Choosing an appropriate Insurance Policy,
  • Neutering.

Our staff are all at the end of a telephone or email; all highly trained, friendly and there to help you do right by your pet; to help keep them in tip-top condition. Don't hesitate to contact us should you need advice and support.