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Welcome to Vetcare Ltd

A dedicated, small animal companion-care Veterinary Practice

Vetcare Ltd is dedicated to the treatment and welfare of small animals in Lancashire & Cheshire. Our team of Vets provide a sensitive, competitively priced, approachable service for animals and pets at our veterinary practices in Leigh, Bolton, Hindley and Sale.

Autumn 2016

The nights are getting longer, Winter is coming, and Bonfire Night will soon be upon us. We have lots of advice to offer on keeping your pets and widlife safe around this time and also for those many pets who suffer from noise phobias. Some pets have sound phobias all year round - to anything from car brakes to microwave bells.

Many pets have severe anxiety reactions to fireworks, to the extent that our Veterinary Nurses have started a new Club for you to fetch your pets to - the SCARY SOUNDS CLUB. Be assured that there is much they can do to help. Contact your nearest Vetcare branch to make an appointment or discuss further.

Our Autumn Newsletter runs from October to the end of December and is available now  - find out the latest practice news, the range of special offers we have available to you and learn all about our new Veterinary Hyperpremium (HPM) diet range for dogs and cats. Also learn about the latest innovations in preventive health, for worming and flea control.

We also have a special edition Bonfire Newsletter which we will help you be prepared.

You can now register online or make enquiries through this website. You can also arrange appointments and order repeat prescriptions too.

Nurse Club of the Month - October 2016: Scary Sounds Club

This October we are focussing on our SCARY SOUNDS CLUB. Sound phobias are thought to affect up to 55% of pets, and it isn’t just around bonfire night; some pets are fearful of anything from the microwave bell to the television. Our fully qualified and Registered Veterinary Nurses will discuss your situation and work out an action plan specifically for you and your pet, not only to help you in the coming months, but also for long term management of their phobia if required. Book your FREE appointment now. Read more here.

Our Nurses run Clubs for new Puppies, Rabbits, Overweight Pets, an Arthritis Club, a Dental Club, Junior and Senior Pet Clubs, a Diabetes Club, and a Small Furry Club. They are all FREE OF CHARGE. Ring or Email for an appointment to book any of these.

If you have children, for you to bring them along too. Each pet will go home with a FREE Goody Bag. We have a whole range of special offers for new kittens including free initial worming, 4 weeks FREE insurance with Pet Plan (once the vet has certified your new pet to be heatlhy) and, until the end of September, a full course of vaccinations for the cost of a booster. Microchips are also on offer at only £12.50. We also have specialist kitten food - read all about HPM Diet.

Veterinary HPM Diet

For the optimal health of your dog, cat, puppy or kitten we stock the full Virbac Veterinary HPM Diets. In our opinion this food is better than any other pet food; nutritionally better, superiorly manufactured and amazing value for money. What you feed your pet is the most important thing that contributes to their health, beyond lifestyle and preventative health.You probably take a lot of care with what you eat - why not give the same consideration to your pets?

Veterinary HPM costs about 20% less per day to feed than the best diets sold in Pet Shops and we have a great LOYALTY SCHEME  - for every 5 bags purchased get the 6th same sized bag of the same diet FREE OF CHARGE. And for new Puppies and Kittens - Buy your first bag (400g bag for kittens and 1.5 kg or 3 kg bag for puppies) - and receive your second same sized bag FREE OF CHARGE

The entire range comes with a palatability guarantee. Make a FREE appointment to see one of our Registered Veterinary Nurses to find out more.

Staff News

Neil Taylor retired as a Director of Vetcare at the end of June 2016. He is continuing to work as a Veterinary Surgeon in the Practice - on a part time and locum basis (so regular days each week, covering holidays and so on), so it isn't 'au revoir' we hope for quite some time. Neil has been with Vetcare since 1988 and now wishes to devote more time to his lovely wife, Vivienne, and to do a bit more exploring and travelling. He will still be the usual 'part of the furniture' at Bolton!

We are also recruiting an additional Veterinary Surgeon and Nurse to join the team. 

Watch this space to find out more about staff news and check regularly to see what employment opportunities we have. If you are interested in a Veterinary Career find out more on the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons website

Star Patient October 2016 - Ginger

Ginger has a very special story, this time told by his lovely owner, Irena. Ginger comes to see us regularly, but usually for health checks and preventive health treatments. He came to see Veterinary Surgeon, Chad Northcott, recently, who heard Ginger's story. So touched was he by this he asked his owner to share it with everyone.

It is amazing what a difference pets can make to a person's life, especially to family or for someone living on their own. Cats can often make lovely companions and relatively speaking can be less demanding than dogs. We work with many charities who rescue stray or unwanted cats, all of whom are seeking new accommodation. If you think you have a space, then contact us, and we will put you in touch with someone who can help.

Whenever we have an interesting or special case we will try and make then 'famous' by publishing their story on these pages. If you think your pet has had heroic treatment or surgery, or if you have another interesting tale to tell, then let us know

Backhome Microchips

From April 2016 it became compulsory for all dogs to be fitted with a microchip. There are many good reasons to have this done - to help you find your lost pet, prove that they are yours and for the Pet Travel Scheme.

We can chip dogs, cats, rabbits, tortoises, larger birds - in fact most pets. So what are you waiting for - come and have your Backhome, Biotec Microchip fitted for only £12.50. Call to make an appointment with the Nurse or ask the Vet when you are next at the Surgery. It is a simple and relatively painless procedure that affords your much peace of mind.