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Welcome to Vetcare Ltd

A dedicated small animal companion care Veterinary Practice

Vetcare Ltd is dedicated to the treatment and welfare of small animals across Lancashire & Cheshire. Our team of Vets provide a sensitive, competitively priced, approachable service for animals and pets from our veterinary practices in Leigh, Bolton, Hindley and Sale.

Summer 2015

Warmer weather is upon us and we wish all of our clients and patients a warm, but safe and happy time. Our summer newsletter contains a wealth of information on summer allergies, skin conditions and flea, tick and worm control together with Practice News and a host of special offers. 


We are taking part in this initiative helping to investigate tick epidemiology in the UK and the impact of ticks on human and animal health. If you are often walking your dog  on farmland or further afield don't forget to ensure your dog is fully protected this summertime by using our new product Bravecto for flea and tick control in your dog. Protect your cat's with Effipro. You can read all about flea, tick and parasite prevention here. 

And don't forget how important worm prevention is for you and your pets. Speak to the staff at reception and discuss how best to tailor a preventive health program for your needs. 

National Microchip Month

June was National Microchip Month but we are extending support of this great Initiative by offering what we think are the best chips - Backhome Biotec - for only £12.50 until August 30th 2015. Just call us for an appointment. 

Nurse Club of the Month - July 2015: Junior Club

This month the Nurse Club that we are focusing on is JUNIOR CLUB. Adolescent pets come with their own set of challenges and as your puppy or kitten is changing at such a fast pace, we’re here to help and guide you both through this stage so your Junior can grow into a respectable member of pet society. All our Veterinary Nurses are fully QUALIFIED and REGISTERED Nurses with and what more is that the Clubs they run are totally FREE OF CHARGE to our clients. . 

Our Nurses run Clubs for new Puppies and Kittens, a Weight Club, Arthritis Club, Junior Club, Senior Pet Club, Diabetes Club, Rabbit Club and Small Furry Club. These are great to bring the children to as well. They are all FREE OF CHARGE and give you a great opportunity to develop a relationship with someone who can be a contact at your surgery. So don't wait, get in touch now to book your private appointment at the Club of your choice. Even though we focus on one of these each month, you can book an appointment for any Club, at any one of our four surgeries.

Nutrition and Vet Complex Diet

For the optimal health of your dog, cat, puppy or kitten we stock the full Virbac VetComplex Range of diets. In our opinion this food is better than any other pet food; nutritionally better, superiorly manufactured and amazing value for money. What you feed your pet is the most important thing that contributes to their health, beyond lifestyle and preventative health.You probably take a lot of care with what you eat - why not give the same consideration to your pets?

Vet Complex costs about 25% less per day to feed than the best diets sold is Pet Shops and we have a great LOYALTY SCHEME  - for every 5 bags purchased get the 6th same sized bag of the same diet FREE OF CHARGE. This represents a further 17% saving. 

And until 30th August 2015 you can have 10% OFF your 1st purchase of Vet Complex Dermal Diet for optimal health of your pets' skin. 

Just call in to find out more or take some away. We have FREE samples if you need to try Vet Complex before you buy and offer a full refund palatability guarantee. Our staff feed Vet Complex to their Pets!

Allergy Awareness Week

This runs from 8th to 14th June 2015 but we all know that summer allergies are about for, well, the whole of summer. So we will be promoting allergy awareness from now until August 30th. This includes a range of special offers on nearly everything we use to treat summer skin diseases including allergy tests, shampoos, ear cleaners, supplements, clinical skin diets and some medications.

One of the commonest skin conditions we see after flea allergy dermatitis is atopy. If your dog or cat has sore skin, ears, feet or is itching all the time upsetting them and you then make an appointment to see us.

Staff News

We have welcomed a new Client Care Manager to Sale, Lauren Sharpley (left) and a new Student Nurse at Leigh, Jessica Whitehead-Holmes (right). Both have had excellent inductions and are now fully fledged members of their surgery teams. They are both great people and we hope you look forward to meeting them. 

During July, we will be welcoming an additional Veterinary Surgeon for Hindley and Leigh, Andrea Beswick.

Watch this space to find out more about them and check regularly to see what employment opportunities we have. If you are interested in a Veterinary Career find out more on the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons website

July 2015 - 'Darwin' -  STAR PATIENT

Broken bones are very common in cats, particularly young ones who climb trees and learn the hard way about cars! Fortunately cats are very good at healing although they sometimes need some veterinary input to assist them.We also work with many charities. See how together, with great owners, we helped this little one

Whenever we have an interesting or special case we will try and make then 'famous' by publishing their story on these pages. If you think your pet has had heroic treatment or surgery, or if you have another interesting tale to tell let us know


Visit our online shop to buy gifts and essential items for your pet. Order from here and we can arrange for goods to be delivered to you at home or you can collect from the surgery with no postage or packing costs.